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After the auction, the auctioned items are professionally stored for you and are ready for pickup or shipment. Collections can be made at an agreed date in the auction hall (courtyard Kagraner Platz 9, 1220 Vienna - Mon-Fri 10:00 - 18:00, free parking at the rearside - Am Langen Felde 14). Please make an appointment in time voarb. Use our convenient booking tool to reserve your favorite appointment online.

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Please take suitable lockable transport containers and the necessary documents with you. 

Collection on site with Austrian weapons legal documents

Category A & B - Weapons of category B can only be handed over with an appropriate Austrian weapons document (weapons possession card, weapons pass, weapons trade license). For weapons and objects of category A § 17. (1) you also need the corresponding permits or documents (e.g. silencers - valid hunting card). The registration in the ZWR of cat A & B (except silencers) is done by us. 


Category C - Weapons of category C without presentation of appropriate documents (WBK, WP, hunting licensce) a three-day cooling off period with weapons prohibition inquiry comes into force - you announce yourselves for this accordingly in advance (necessary data: name, date of birth, place of birth). In accordance with our General Terms and Conditions, the customer requests JSE to carry out the ZWR registration when submitting the bid in the event of a knockdown, taking into account the additional fees per weapon/item of cat. C. (15 €)  (Only for items handed over in Austria)


Collection by a third party (power of attorney) If you are unable to pick up your firearm in person and would like someone else to do so, please note the following: Please create a power of attorney that contains at least: Name of the person giving the power of attorney, name of the authorized person, ID (copy) and signatures of both as well as the purpose - takeover of the object/bill to the authorized person (collector).  In this case, the authorized person (collector) must meet all legal requirements for the delivery of weapons and possess the appropriate legal documents. A/B Weapons/items are registered to the person collecting them (collection = possession WaffG § 6). Category C weapons are registered to a selected person in accordance with the power of attorney. In accordance with our General Terms and Conditions, the customer authorizes JSE with the submission of the bid in the event of a knockdown to carry out the ZWR registration, taking into account the additional fees per weapon/item of cat. C. (15 €)