Our experts

Bernhard SILLER

Deputy Head of Auctions

Bernhard Siller an enthusiastic hunter and sports marksman with a faible for long distances. With his experience in the automobile trade, he covers the new sections of the auction with the appropriate specialist knowledge and brings his administrative knowledge to the team.
E-Mail: b.siller@springer-vienna.com



Expert hunting, sporting & antique weapons
E-Mail: r.rudolecky@springer-vienna.com
Ronald Rudolecky is a true hunter, who has had the opportunity to be exposed and fascinated by hunting weapons since he was a teenager. Through continuous study and voracious reading of all available materials on weapons he became an expert for hunting weapons. In the auction house he will value your weapons or collection and accompany your weapon through the auction process by detailed descriptions.


Mag.iur. Josef MÖTZ

Expert for Hunting & Antique Weapons
E-Mail: j.moetz@springer-vienna.com
Josef Mötz is a lawyer, reserve officer and internationally renowned expert for handguns and military weapons. He has been active in the study of weapons and ammunition for 45 years, has been one of the most productive Austrian authors in the field of law, weapons and ammunition history and technological development since 1979 and publishes in renowned weapons journals. At Joh. Springer's Erben, he is our expert for the valuation and cataloguing of handguns and militaria.


E-Mail: wb@springer-vienna.com

Irena WESTPHAL has been assisting the auction house since July 2021. She looks after our Russian and Polish customers and is responsible for the administration in the Auction House.


Inventory & Warehouse
E-Mail: auktion@springer-vienna.com

E-Mail: logistics@springer-vienna.com

Lucas Wininger has worked for the company since 2014 as a weapons and ammunition dealer and completed his apprenticeship in our flagship store in Weihburggasse. He will be happy to advise you on all questions concerning the exhibitions and general matter related to the auction.




Graphic designer

E-mail: n.pousek@springer-vienna.com

Since 2020, Nina Pousek is part of the auction team. As a graduate of the Höhere Graphische Bundes-Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt, she is responsible for the photos of the auctions and puts the respective lots in the right light with her skills. She also takes care of the external presence of the Springer auction house on social media channels and the website.


Raphael RAB

Sales & Logistics

E-Mail: auktion@springer-vienna.com

E-Mail: logistics@springer-vienna.com

Raphael Rab joined the company in 2018 as a firearms and ammunition dealer. As a passionate re-enactor and muzzle- loader, he has specialized in muzzle-loaders and antique weapons and completes our auction team in this area. 



Masimilian GIRCZ

Apprentice Arms and Ammunition Dealer

E-Mail: auktion@springer-vienna.com

Maximilian Gircz is currently completing an apprenticeship as a weapons and ammunition dealer at Springer and is actively supporting the team in sales.