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Bidding and buying


1. Catalog

All lots are presented online on our auction platform with photos and a description. Furthermore, you have the possibility to order our print catalog, exclusively for the Classic Auction, by giving your address via With the descriptions you will always find the call price (excluding fees/buyer’s premium), i.e. the minimum price that must be bid. There is no hidden reserve for the final price, which can be achieved already from the minimum price.


2. Exhibition

Visit us at Kagraner Platz 9 and have a look at the objects you are interested in during the show. In the run-up to an auction you can get an exact picture of the condition, quality, function and details of the respective lots. If you do not have the opportunity for a personal viewing, call us and talk to the experts about the object, you will be advised fairly and correctly.


Exhibition location:

Joh. Springer's Erben Auction Hall

Kagraner Platz 9, 1220 Vienna

Tel.: +43 (0)1 890 90 03


Free parking: In the courtyard of Kagraner Platz 9 and additionally at an ongoing show/auction at the backside of the hall, Am Langen Felde 14.

Subway station: U1 Kagraner Platz


3. Bidding

Bidding at the Classic Auction:

General Information

At the Classic Auction only bids according to our bidding steps will be accepted.


A bid received earlier (bid-form) has priority in case of a possible tie.

In the Live Auction, the respective final price is awarded by the auctioneer after the exclamation "to the third".


Bidding live on site

It is of course possible to participate in the auction in person. When bidding on site, you place your bid by a show of hands after registration.


Bidding live online

You can bid live online via our auction platform. Your bids will be treated like those on site. If there is a tie due to an overlap with a hall bid, the hall will take precedence over online.


Bidding in writing in advance

You can already submit a written bid before the auction starts (from the call price up to your highest bid). This can be submitted by letter, fax or e-mail (using a bid-form) until 15.00 (3 PM GMT+1) on the day of the auction - online via our auction platform until 1 hour before the auction starts. It will be auctioned according to the bidding steps for you up to your highest bid. Your bid must be made in figures. Information such as "absolutely buy" cannot be considered. In the event of a tie, the written bid received earlier will win.


Bidding live by phone

We also offer the service to call you live during the auction. After timely registration by a written bid in advance with our bid-form, we will call you directly from the auction room before your desired lot. Your telephone bid will be handled like a bid from the auction room.


Bidding at the online auction:

In the online auction, you place your bids exclusively in our auction platform. The bidding steps are the same as in the classic auction. If you are the highest bidder, your bid will be accepted at the end of the auction.

You can place a bid online for each lot until the specified expiration time. You will see the current bid status and as the highest bidder you will be notified in case of a new highest bid by other participants.

The lots finish according to a previously announced order and expiration time. However, if there is a new highest bid within the last minute, the expiration time for this lot will be extended again by 1 minute per bid.


Bidding in the silent auction:

You can place a bid online or in writing using a bid-form until the finish time specified for the respective silent auction. You cannot see how high the bids of the other bidders are. There are no predefined bidding steps, every full Euro is a possible step. The bidder with the highest named number as a bid will be awarded for the bid he has placed, regardless of the amount and number of other bids.


The auction of all lots ends together at a fixed time. In case of several bids of the same amount, the bid received earlier will be accepted.


4. Buyer's commission

Our commission (the buyer's premium) of 20% excl. VAT will be added to the successful highest bid (the hammer price).

- In the case of lots subject to differential taxation, 20% VAT will be added to the buyer's premium, resulting in a total surcharge of 24% on the highest bid.

- For fully taxed lots (marked with €€) 20% VAT will be added to the premium and the highest bid, resulting in a total surcharge of 44% on the highest bid.

Austrian VAT is only due for private customers within the EU and for Austrian dealers! EU dealers, as well as customers outside the European Union (third countries) are exempt from Austrian VAT.


5. Post-Auction Sale

Following our auctions, a post-sale takes place. This means until a fixed deadline lots, not sold in the auction, can be purchased immediately at the stated call price plus the usual buyer's premium. Take advantage of this opportunity before the lot is finally gone.

If there are several bids on the same lot, the lot will be sold to the first bid received. In the post-sale registration of those bids must be made manually in our system, therefore lots that have already been bid on may still appear in the online catalog as unsold, especially during the weekend. Therefore, please note that even in the post-sale, the confirmation of your bid will not be an indication of winning.


6. Condition

In the description our experts record the essential characteristics and any defects of the lots, described according to the criteria below.

If you have any further questions about the lots, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with information and further references or photos to the offered lots.


Modern weapons and equipment

Condition 1 = new

Condition 2 = mint - as good as new

Condition 3 = normal used

Condition 4 = heavily used

Condition 5 = faulty/damaged


Antique weapons, militia and collectibles

Condition I = near mint

Absolutely original parts, 95% original finish, in perfect condition in every respect - external and internal.

Condition II= very good

Absolutely original parts, at least 90% original finish, clear inscriptions and numbers, minimal scratches in the wood.

Condition III= good

Original parts, at least 50% original finish, smooth metal surfaces with still sharp edges, scratches and dents in wood possible.

Condition IV= satisfactory

Small parts might not be original, metal surface with flash rust, minor rust scars (pitting) or completely reworked with new finish, lettering and numbers still visible, wood reworked or with major scratches, dents and repairs, technically ok in any case.

Condition V= fair

Even larger parts replaced, small parts may be missing, metal surface rusty or heavily restore, bare or with new finish, edges in metal and wood worn, lettering and numbers partially illegible, wood with large dents or damage, technically okay, may need minor repair for proper function.

Condition VI= poor

Major and minor parts replaced, small parts may be missing, metal parts with deep rust, pitting or dents, lettering and numbers barely to no longer legible, wood in poor condition with large scratches, dents and damaged areas, technically not functional, extensive repair and restoration required.


For more detailed information, please contact our experts directly.

For modifications or repairs our gunsmiths are at your disposal in our workshop at Josefsgasse 10, 1080 Vienna.

Phone : +43-1-406 1104.


Increments (bidding steps) Auction in Euro (do not apply to the "Silent Auction")