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Information for buyers

1. Catalogue

All lots will be offered on our online auctions website showing detailed descriptions and pictures. Additionally, you can order our printed catalogue at In the description you can find the „Mindestpreis“ (excluding fees), meaning the minimum bid for which the lot will sell.


2. Exhibition of lots

Come and visit us at the Kagraner Platz 9 to have a look at the item during our exhibition days. A work of art always has a different presence when seen for real, an arm should fit you. Not all deficiencies are visible in photographs, and though we will describe them you can evaluate them better with the item in your hands. In case you do not have the chance to visit, please feel free to call our experts, who will discuss the items in detail when they hold them in their hands.

Place of exhibition: Kagraner Platz 9, 1220 Vienna, Tel.: 004318909003


3. Bidding

Bidding at the Classic Auction

For all forms of bidding at the Classic Auction it is necessary to adhere to the fixed bidding steps. If you are bidding from the floor, you can place your bid by raising your hand when you are registered. In case you are the highest bidder, you will win your desired item after the words „zum Dritten“ by the auctioneer.

If you are bidding online on our website, you  have to register first and be verified. Your bid will be handled as if you were live at the auction

Furthermore, you have the option to get a phone call from our staff (requiring a minimum bid of EUR 500). After registering (until 3 pm CET on the day of the auction) with the bid form we will call you directly from the auction. Your bids will be handled as if you were at the auction.

Prior to that (until 3 pm CET on the day of the auction) you can place a written bid by fax or e-mail on the bid form, online until 1 hours before the auction starts. Your maximum bid must be an exact amount. Notes such as “buy unconditionally” cannot be accepted. We will then bid according to the bidding steps on your behalf.

Bidding at our Online Auction

In our Online Auction you can place a bid until the end date through our online platform. Here you have to register first and be verified.

The current highest bid is published. Should a higher bid be placed, we will inform you via E-Mail!

Bidding at our Silent Auction

You can place your bid up to the alloted period of the individual auction, online or written on the bid form. You cannot see the bids of the other bidders. Each Euro is a possible bidding step. The highest bid will win the lot at exactly that amount, independent from numbers or amounts of other bids.


4. Buyer‘s premium

Buyer's premium on top of your bid for each lot is 20% (excl. VAT)

- Differential VAT taxed lots: In addition to the buyer's premium there will be VAT of 20% accounted, summing up the total of the surcharge to 24%.

- fully VAT taxed lots (marked with €€) In addition to your bid and the buyer's premium there will be VAT of 20% accounted, summing up the total of the surcharge to 44%.

Dealers and retail buyers from non-EU countries, like USA and Russia, as well as Dealers from EU countries with a valid VAT identification number are exempt from Austrian VAT.


5. Post-Auction Sale

You can buy all unsold lots instantly, for the minimum bid and the usual buyer's premium, until Friday of the week after the finished auction.

In case of multiple bids on the same lot, the earliest bid will get the hammer.

Since the winning bid must be awarded manually, it may occur that lots already bid on appear to be still available in the online catalogue, especially during week-ends.

Please note that, also in the Post-Auction Sale, the acceptance of your bid will not be an indication of winning.


6. Condition:

Please note that the descriptions in the catalogue are restricted to external examination. Our experts evaluate all items and categorise them in the following grades:

Modern and working arms:

Condition 1 = new

Condition 2 = mint

Condition 3 = usual signs of use

Condition 4 = heavily used

Condition 5 = faulty


Antique and collectors arms:

Condition I: near mint

Definitely original parts, at least 95% original finish, pristine in any respect, externally as well as internally.

II very good

Definitely original parts, at least 90% original finish, clear inscriptions and numbers, slight scratches in wood.

III good

Original parts, at least 50% original finish, smooth metal surface with sharp edges, possible scratches and dents in wood.

IV satisfactory

Small parts might be not original, metal surface with flash rust, slight pitting or completely restored with new finish, inscription and numbers still visible, wood restored or with major scratches, dents or repairs, technically sound by any regard.

V fair

Even larger parts replaced, small parts might be missing, metal surface pitted or heavily restored, in-the-white or with new finish, edges on metal and wood worn, inscription and numbers partially illegible, wood with major dents or defects, technically sound, possibly in need of small repair for flawless function.

VI poor

Larger and smaller pars replaced, small parts might be missing, metal parts with serious pitting or dents, inscriptions and numbers hardly to not-at-all legible, wood in bad condition with large scratches, dents and defects, technically inoperable, elaborate repair and restoration necessary.


For detailed information please contact our experts.

For repair or alterations please contact our gunsmiths Mr Walzer or Mr Sturzeis at our workshop in the Josefsgasse 10, 1080 Vienna, Phone: +43 1 406 11 04 21.