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Shipping & Pick-up


Pick-up on site with Austrian weapons legal documents

After payment the auctioned items will be stored professionally for you. They can be picked up at an agreed date in the auction hall (Kagraner Platz 9, 1220 Vienna). Please bring suitable lockable transport containers and the necessary documents with you. Book your pickup date on our reservation plattform.

Weapons of category B can only be handed over with an appropriate Austrian weapons document (weapons ownership card, weapons pass, weapons trading license). Weapons of category C will be subject to a three-day cooling-off period with a weapons prohibition request if no corresponding documents are presented - so please notify us accordingly in advance.


General shipping instructions

Please note that shipping and insurance costs vary depending on the size, weight and value of the object and are not included in the hammer price. Of course, pickup by appropriately authorized shipping companies can also be arranged by you personally. All transportation is at your sole cost and risk.


Domestic shipping

On request we will send you your object after receipt of payment, please contact us for this. We would like to point out that a direct shipment of weapons and legally weapon-relevant objects within Austria can only be made to arms dealers (mail order ban on weapons and ammunition) and not to private individuals. For this purpose, we require in advance the documents/authorizations under weapons law necessary for the handover as well as an approval of the receiving dealer for the handover. For weapons-relevant items of category A and B (lots § A § B), the notification in the ZWR is made with the date of dispatch.


Shipment to the EU

Shipment to private persons

Within the EU it is possible to ship directly to private persons. For this we need an import permit from you in advance.

Shipment to dealers

For shipping to dealers within the EU, we also require an appropriate import permit.


Shipment to third countries/EU foreign countries

For shipment to other EU countries, we generally require a corresponding import permit and, depending on the country, additional papers/licenses on a case-by-case basis. The responsibility for the legal import and preceding export possibility lies with the buyer. Inform yourself in any case before placing a bid whether the purchase of the corresponding items in your respective country and the destination address is possible. The same applies to the entire logistics. Our place of performance is in any case 1220 Vienna Kagraner Platz 9, ex works.


Additional costs for shipping/transport abroad:

- Transfer permit for arms dealers within the EU excl. VAT € 60,-.

- Shipment permit for private persons within the EU incl. VAT € 160

- Export license to buyers in third countries without VAT € 290,-

- Registration and personal escort to customs office at Schwechat airport for export to third countries incl. VAT € 470,-.



Storage fee
Starting after four weeks from the invoice date, a storage fee of € 1(excl. VAT) per lot and per day will be charged.

Contact for pickup and shipping:

Joh. Springer's Erben Auction House

Kagraner Platz 9 (access via inner courtyard), 1220 Vienna

Tel.: +43 (0)1 890 90 03

Fax: +43 (0)1 890 90 03 90



Free parking:  At the backside of the hall - Am Langen Felde 14.

Subway station: U1 Kagraner Platz